About us

Since 2009 we have been running Storchenwiege® as a family-owned company in the 2nd generation. We have carried our children ourselves for a long time, giving them a lot of closeness and security at the beginning of their journey. Carrying them has given us countless wonderful moments with our children. In the meantime we no longer carry them, but we feel that the intensive time spent together in the first years of their lives has given them a good basis for finding their own way now.

Regional and sustainable production is still very important to us. Our many years of experience and the close exchange with midwives, doctors and babywearing consultants give us valuable impulses in the development of our products. Slings, RingSlings and the BabyCarrier from Storchenwiege® give babies a good start in life and make life easier for parents. What could be better than to carry your baby close to your heart, giving him or her closeness and security and strengthening him or her for life?

It is wonderful that parents and children can experience the joy of babywearing every day anew with our products and that we can accompany them on their journey together. Thank you very much for your trust!

Yours, Ulrike Kaul and Claudia Dix