The high-comfort baby and child carrier made of Storchenwiege® sling fabric

The Storchenwiege® BabyCarrier perfectly combines the advantages of our slings with those of a high-comfort baby carrier. The Storchenwiege® BabyCarrier can be slipped on in no time: right from the start, you and your baby will feel closely connected, safe and sound!

From newborns to toddlers

The Storchenwiege® BabyCarrier is made from the diagonally elastic woven Storchenwiege® sling fabric in 100% cotton, which has been tried and tested for many years. As it is manufactured without padding in the back section, the supporting effect of the diagonally elastic Storchenwiege® fabric can develop optimally. With the Storchenwiege® BabyCarrier, you can carry your child comfortably from birth (3.5 kg) up to a maximum of 15 kg in front of the tummy and on the back.

  • Comfort carrier from birth to toddler age
  • Carrying options: in front, on the back
  • Diagonally elastic Storchenwiege® baby sling fabric made of 100% cotton (for models with differently coloured straps: material of straps 60% cotton/ 40% polyester)
  • The back part is not padded for optimal adjustment to the baby's back.
  • The width of the bar in the area of the legs is infinitely adjustable so that the baby always squats in the healthy "squat-splay" position.
  • The headrest is moved diagonally accross the baby's head. The face is not covered and the baby can see around easily. The headrest also provides optimum support for larger children, e.g. when they have fallen asleep.
  • The BabyCarrier can be optimally adjusted in this area, especially for small babies, by means of a drawstring in the neck.
  • At the starting of the shoulder straps there is a detachable strap, which also serves to keep the view clear - especially for smaller babies.
  • The BabyCarrier is padded in the area of the hollow of the knee to make the baby feel even more comfortable.
  • The back section is slightly longer below the waist belt. This prevents the knot from slipping under the baby's bottom and larger children can be carried more comfortably on the back.
  • A chest strap for carrying on the back is included.
  • Padded straps and width-adjustable waist belt make babywearing even more comfortable.

The BabyCarrier in detail

Available separately

Chest strap

The chest strap for back carrying is included. Should you ever lose the chest strap, you can buy it separately.

Waist belt extension

The waist belt extension allows the waist belt to be extended. With the smallest adjustment of the bar between the legs for newborns, an extension up to a circumference of approx. 1.55 m is possible. If the bar is completely open for larger children, the waist belt extension allows an extension up to a circumference of approx. 1.75 m.