Questions and answers

Yes, if the baby is wrapped firmly in the sling. In this way, the sling supports the baby's back firmly and safely. The sling must be tied so that the baby's head is well-supported and held firmly.


As soon as you feel fit enough after the birth, there is nothing to stop you. The tying method needs to support the baby well, so that she cannot slump down or slip to the side. You baby's head must be well-supported.


No. If you choose the right tying method, babywearing can even support your own posture.


Yes. Babies who are carried have just as much oxygen in their blood as those who are not. Important: Always watch your child and make sure her mouth and nose are clear.


The sling can be used as long as the mother or father and the baby enjoy it. The baby will give clear signs when he or she has had enough close contact. The amount of babywearing can vary from day to day. There are times when a child wants to be carried more (e.g. during growth spurts and illness) and times when there is hardly any need at all.


No! By satisfying your baby's basic need for closeness and comfort, you are building up her strength for the future!


Briefly speaking, a sling should have the following features:

  • a weave which is diagonally elastic
  • cloth edges sewn over twice
  • raw cotton and dyes free of harmful substances
  • centreline marking and different-coloured edges make tying easier.

In most cases a sling which is 4.1 to 4.6 metres in length is enough. For the wrap-cross carry, a little more material is needed; a 5.2-metre sling would be a good idea. In every case, the wearer's clothing size plays an important role in choosing the length.


Even if the father would like to carry his baby, his clothing size is one thing which decides the length of the sling. In this case, a 4.6-metre-long Storchenwiege® baby sling is usually also enough. You can find more information on baby sling lengths in the lengths section.


A small baby can easily be worn under a jacket, kept at the ideal temperature by their mother's or father's body. The baby can be carried in the clothes he or she wears at home. The baby should always wear warm socks or tights, a small scarf around their neck and a hat. When the child is carried over a jacket, or when larger children are carried on your back, they must be warmly dressed to stop them getting cold. We recommend to wear a Babywearing Jacket or a Babywearing Cover.

In the summer it is also important to protect your baby well against sunlight. For this, you can use light cotton clothing which covers her body and a sun bonnet.


Our baby slings are produced entirely in Germany, guaranteeing their high quality.