Carrying positions, lengths and tying methods for baby slings

By tying the Storchenwiege® baby slings the right way, you can take advantage of the benefits of the baby slings very well.

There are different main ways to tie the sling:

  • Hip carry
  • Stomach carry
  • Back carry

So that all these different variations can be used, the sling is available in different lengths. Every sling comes with detailed tying instructions with practical tips. Tying the sling is made easier by the central marking and the different-coloured edges. The hem is folded over twice, giving the sling firm edges, which supports the firmness of the tie, making it also very suitable for larger children. Tying is also made easier by the ends of the sling, which are cut diagonally.


Length3,60 m4,10 m4,60 m5,20 m
Hip carry
Stomach carry
Back carry






   up to size 38(EU)/ 10(GB)/ 6(US)

   up to size 44(EU)/ 16(GB)/ 12(US)

   all sizes

On request we will also produce slings for you in other lengths.

Slings for premature babies

Premature babies especially need close contact and body warmth. For this reason, we provide slings specially designed to fit premature babies; above all, they are narrower than our usual Storchenwiege® slings. Please get in touch with us if you are interested. We will be happy to answer your questions.


Tying instructions

Every Storchenwiege® baby sling comes with detailed tying instructions.

You can download tying instructions as a PDF document from the following link: